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 Northwest Women's Consultants 

Routine Prenatal Visit

Non Invasive Prenatal Test* and Ultrasound for Fetal Nuchal Translucency

* Non Invasive Prenatal Test is either the BUN test, or NIPS test, depending on your genetic risk factors

37-40 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visits and  "What Happens When"

34 weeks

Alpha Fetoprotein Test

Ultrasound, Non Stress Test

35-36 weeks

​New OB Visit, Ultrasound, and Initial Prenatal Labs

* Visit only if rhogam required

Ultrasound for Fetal Anatomic Survey

12-14 weeks

​7-10 weeks


​Certain obstetric or maternal conditions may require additional prenatal testing,

​maternal-fetal medicine referral, and/or more frequent prenatal visits.

Flu shot vaccination will be offered during the flu season and may be received during any trimester.

16-20 weeks

> 40 weeks

32 weeks

Routine OB Visit


Group B Strep Test

6-7 weeks

Early first visit, Ultrasound

20 weeks

24 weeks

29 weeks*

28 weeks

Weekly Routine Prenatal Visit

1 hour Glucola, RPR, CBC, HIV*

* Third trimester HIV screen done at 28-36 weeks per new Illinois statute for 2018

Rhogam Injection​: given only if Rh neg mother and Rh positive father of baby