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Pamela Patinkin and Andrew Germanetti

Today, over 97,00 people are waiting for an organ transplant from a living donor.

Those who choose to become a living organ donor give selflessly of themselves so that another person may live. Such organ donors are true heroes in both body and spirit.

We at NWWC have been asked by the Patinkin family to put out a request for a kidney donor for their daughter, Pamela. After extensive testing, Pam has no immediate family member that is eligible for becoming a kidney donor.

As Pamela's kidney function is deteriorating, she is in dire need of a lifesaving transplant.

We encourage you or someone you know to consider becoming a living organ donor for Pamela.

If you are interested in becoming a living organ donor hero for Pamela, please contact Brittany Russell, the transplant coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital by phone at 312-695-0828.

You may also access the Living Donor Program at Northwestern Medicine on Pamela's behalf at


We encourage and support all efforts for Pamela and her family, as well as the support of living donor programs for the many others who seek a hero.

Be a Hero: Become a Living Organ Donor